* denotes equal contribution.

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    Domain Adaptation under Missingness Shift
    Helen Zhou, Sivaraman Balakrishnan, and Zachary Lipton
    In International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 2023
  2. CHIL
    Model Evaluation in Medical Datasets Over Time
    Helen Zhou*, Yuwen Chen*, and Zachary C Lipton
    Machine Learning for Healthcare (ML4H) Symposium 2022 (Abstract). To be presented at Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning (CHIL), 2023


  1. AMIA
    Learning Clinical Concepts for Predicting Risk of Progression to Severe COVID-19
    Helen Zhou, Cheng Cheng, Kelly J Shields, Gursimran Kochhar, Tariq Cheema, Zachary C Lipton, and Jeremy C Weiss
    AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2022
  2. ML4H
    Machine Learning for Health (ML4H) 2022
    Antonio Parziale, Monica Agrawal, Shengpu Tang, Kristen Severson, Luis Oala, Adarsh Subbaswamy, Sayantan Kumar, Elora Schoerverth, Stefan Hegselmann, Helen Zhou, and  others
    In Machine Learning for Health, 2022


  1. AMIA
    Unpacking the Drop in COVID-19 Case Fatality Rates: A Study of National and Florida Line-Level Data
    Helen Zhou*, Cheng Cheng*, Jeremy C Weiss, and Zachary C Lipton
    In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, 2021
    Do You See What I See? A Comparison of Radiologist Eye Gaze to Computer Vision Saliency Maps for Chest X-ray Classification
    Jesse Kim, Helen Zhou, and Zachary Lipton
    Workshop in Interpretable Machine Learning for Healthcare (IMLH) at International Conference ML 2021, 2021


  1. Science
    A decision algorithm to promote outpatient antimicrobial stewardship for uncomplicated urinary tract infection
    Sanjat Kanjilal, Michael Oberst, Sooraj Boominathan, Helen Zhou, David C. Hooper, and David Sontag
    Science Translational Medicine, 2020
  2. AIME
    Mortality Risk Score for Critically Ill Patients with Viral or Unspecified Pneumonia: Assisting Clinicians with COVID-19 ECMO Planning
    Helen Zhou*, Cheng Cheng*, Zachary C Lipton, George H Chen, and Jeremy C Weiss
    In Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: 18th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, AIME 2020, Minneapolis, MN, USA, August 25–28, 2020, Proceedings 18, 2020
  3. KDD
    Treatment policy learning in multiobjective settings with fully observed outcomes
    Soorajnath Boominathan, Michael Oberst, Helen Zhou, Sanjat Kanjilal, and David Sontag
    In Proceedings of the 26th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining, 2020
  4. Physionet
    AMR-UTI: antimicrobial resistance in urinary tract infections (version 1.0.0)
    M Oberst, S Boominathan, H Zhou, S Kanjilal, and D Sontag


  1. Course Project
    Post-nonlinear Causal Model with Deep Neural Networks
    Youngseog Chung, Joon Kim, Tom Yan, and Helen Zhou


  1. Course Project
    Fast-Fi: Designing Large Throughput-Optimized Wireless Networks
    Brandon Carter, Geronimo Mirano, and Helen Zhou


    Enhanced Twitter Sentiment Classification Using Contextual Information
    Soroush Vosoughi, Helen Zhou, and Deb Roy
    In Proceedings of the 6th Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity, Sentiment and Social Media Analysis, Sep 2015
  2. SocInfo
    Digital stylometry: Linking profiles across social networks
    Soroush Vosoughi, Helen Zhou, and Deb Roy
    In Social Informatics: 7th International Conference, SocInfo 2015, Beijing, China, December 9-12, 2015, Proceedings 7, Sep 2015